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Engineered Lifting Systems

SPACE created an entirely new 6,000 square foot office space within Engineered Lifting Systems’ 18,000 square foot warehouse with a design that pays tribute to both the big machines they sell and the people that make up the heart and soul of their business.

In order to accommodate their growing business, Engineered Lifting System purchased a warehouse in Fenton, Missouri in 2015. They took the opportunity to redefine themselves visually, and to better support the culture of their company through design. With a new space that includes custom murals, high-end lighting, a dining area and a lounge, it’s not your average warehouse office.

“We wanted to create an office that promoted collaboration, and frankly was a place that the best people in our industry would want to work,” says Eric Brown, owner of Engineered Lifting Systems. “Most warehouse offices are pretty stark, a place that people can’t wait to get out of at 5 o’clock every day,” he continues. “We wanted to change that and be a place to work where people want to spend their time and are excited about the energy a creative space like this creates.”

There were several challenges in turning a huge warehouse in Fenton, one with 35-foot ceilings, into a cozy office space that still reflected their industry. Brown knew the solution wasn’t something cookie-cutter with florescent lighting and typical office cubes. Having seen SPACE Architechture+Design’s work at several of his favorite restaurants, he contacted their firm to bring an entirely new spin to his vision.

Besides the offices and work areas, the space includes a state-of-the-art kitchen and a lounge for employees to relax and exchange ideas. Again, this is outside of the typical industry pattern for an office or work environment.

For added spark, SPACE hired local mural artist Grace McCammond to paint their custom designs, including a highly-stylized version of Engineering Lifting System’s “Ironworker” logo art, and what appears to be a cut out of a concrete wall, supposedly revealing a steel working mill complete with smoldering iron. The murals are not only unique pieces of art and visual points of interest; they pay tribute to the heavy machines that Engineered Lifting Systems creates.

“When I first heard of the plan – the orange color (which pays tribute to their focus on safety) and the big painting of a hole in the wall, I wasn’t sure what we’d gotten ourselves into!” says Trish Brown, Eric’s wife and office manager. “The result is incredible. Its truly stunning. Everyone just loves it here.”

Owner: Eric Brown
Project Size: 6,000 square feet
Completion Date: 2016
Finalist, 2017 St. Louis At-Home Architect + Designer Award for Best Commercial Space: Office