SPACE partnered with Hopedale Medical Complex (HMC) regarding an existing inadequate and obsolete critical access hospital in rural Illinois. Instead of an entirely new facility on a green-field site outside of town, as “conventional wisdom” insisted, a 10,000 square foot addition and 14,000 square foot renovation is planned as the first step to strategically upgrade the campus over time, help reinvigorate Main Street, alleviate some of the hospital and village flooding issues, and prioritize wellness for both patients and residents.

The building addition is positioned to serve as new lobby and community space as well as a new “front door” to the hospital on the North side, and new patient and Emergency Department entries on the south side of the campus. Locating the hospital’s new main entrance adjacent to a new circle drive off Grove Street with access to a reconnected Railroad Street opens up the campus to the Village and the Main Street Loop. At the South end the building addition is positioned to serve as a new emergency department and patient rooms, as well as providing circulation from the south edge of campus into the new lobby. A flood-controlling retention pond is planned south of Lincoln Street aimed to alleviate flooding concerns from Lincoln to the Grove and 2nd intersection.

The building’s unusual plan and appearance was inspired by a desire to provide a memorable experience and expression of the Hospital’s commitment to village and patient, creating an entirely new patient experience. A “spline wall”, or “datum” cuts through the new building addition, functioning as an organizing element in primary and common areas, a vehicle for new building systems, and is clad in bold colors inspired by the regional farming landscape. The variation in color, or fall harvest, was inspired by the way light filters through crops during various phases of farming cycle. The wall’s material, a vertical corrugated metal panel, gestures to the rural farmland vernacular found throughout the region. The floor plans supports a highly interactive patient/caregiver environment with ample open spaces for visibility and offering expansive views of the outdoors.

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