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When the VNA in Kennett, MO decided to purchase an old Sears Appliance store for its new offices, we were thrilled. Taking the downtrodden, neglected, and really just ugly, buildings across our landscape and turning them into something special is about a fulfilling work as we can imagine.

SPACE engaged the team in Kennet and through a collaborative programming and design process. Together we discovered more possibilities for the steel truss warehouse than we could have imagined. Today, the completed project is a vibrant and productive office. The feedback from VNA of Southeast Missouri CEO Teresa McCulloch is as good as it gets for an architect:

I never realized what a difference a new office would make in our lives!!!  It has transformed so many people’s attitudes! It is simply been a miracle!  You guys did an amazing job!  We are so proud of our new space and the beautiful colors and light!  I get emotional when I see what a difference this space has had on the lives of so many of our staff.  I can never thank you enough for all you have done!

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