Master of Architecture with Honors, USC
Certificate in Historic Preservation, USC
Bachelor of Arts in Architecture, Washington University in St. Louis

“SPACE is the best boutique architecture firm in Saint Louis doing some of the best work in town; I might be on one of the coasts if it weren’t for this oasis of greatness both in design strength and firm culture!”

Amanda is a passionate advocate for her clients’ needs and for great design, and is very proud to be a part of SPACE’s capacity to deliver highly creative solutions in a truly holistic manner. She grew up in St. Louis, but after graduating from Washington University and working for a while in town she decided to chase the dream in Los Angeles, getting both her Master of Architecture and Certificate in Historic Preservation at USC. In LA she worked tirelessly to achieve a state of being that can only be described as “totally gnarly” or “rad”. A few fun years of designing without concern for a frost line was enough (or rain! who can live without thunderstorms?) and the Midwest eventually called her back home in 2007. She’s now happier than ever to be back in St. Louis at a time when the City is finally starting to be okay with, even proud of, just how awesome it is!

Favorite place in St. Louis: The Shaw Neighborhood, it’s like Sesame Street most days!
Inspired By: Nature, travel, and a strong sense of community & memory.
Confession: My first professional role model was self-employed Architect, Elyse Keaton, the mom from the 80’s sitcom “Family Ties” (related confession, my cat “Skippy Handelman” is named after another character from the same TV show).
Unbreakable Habit: Organized “piles”, editing everyday things, and sorting and eating M&Ms by color.
Favorite Treat: Chocolate Covered Bacon Ice Cream (my secret recipe).