Bachelor of Arts in Architecture, Miami University

“SPACE just cares. We all love being part of the St. Louis community, and that pride allows us to deliver impressive, quality products for our partners. To take liberties with a certain Tron quote: “We fight for the Clients.”

Jack’s a talented designer with an affection for St. Louis and the people who live here. We’re lucky to have him on board. Ask him about that one time he walked from Georgia to Maine.

Favorite space in St. Louis: The Botanical Gardens during the Whitaker Concert Series
Life guru: Yvon Chouinard, founder of Patagonia. A man who believes in simplicity, ruggedness, testing his own products, giving back, and being a steward of the Earth. A true Philosopher King.
Inspired By: Tiny, grungy urban spaces
Sunday dream breakfast: Hot fried chicken on a biscuit, coffee, donut glazed with crushed pistachios. Followed by a nap.
Favorite Architect: Peter Zumthor meets Greene & Greene