Master of Architecture, Washington University in St. Louis
Bachelor of Architecture, The Ohio State University

“I wanted to be a part of SPACE because this place has so much to offer to the region of Saint Louis. I was intrigued by the triad of design, construction, and fabrication all under one roof, and was incredibly impressed by how closely we are able to work with our clients and their vision.”

Generally, when I’m not at work, I’m with my pups Wyatt and Hanley, who are two little bundles of energy. I’m an aspiring gardener who would love to build a big greenhouse and live in it (I would be down to live in a Buckminster Fuller geodesic dome). I’ve been incredibly lucky to have traveled all over the world through my studies at The Ohio State University and Washington University in Saint Louis, and hope to keep visiting new places and having new experiences as much as I can in the coming years.

Favorite space in St. Louis: The Missouri Botanical Garden

Favorite local restaurant: Rooster is my usual brunch spot. I’m that person who gets the same thing every time: a cup of black coffee, the bacon #2 crepe (it’s amazing), and a strawberry+cookies and cream milkshake to drink on the walk home.

Favorite sandwich:  Aporkalypse at Blues City Deli

Favorite architects: Alvar Aalto, Charles and Ray Eames, Luis Barragan, David Adjaye, Alejandro Aravena

Favorite store: Zee Bee Market, Bowood Farms and Flowers and Weeds. So far, I only have one plant at the office, but my apartment is full of plants. Some might consider me to be a crazy plant lady.

Nickname: My best friends started calling me Kale because people mis-pronounce my name all the time, and it stuck.