“I am at SPACE to push the envelope. Explore the boundaries of design and architecture.  To learn how to make a difference with and for people.”

Steve comes to SPACE with a colorful career past. His passion for creating architecture has taken him to several prominent firms here, in St. Louis, and driven him to start a firm which occupied his time for 12 years. Now with 30 years of experience with almost every project type Steve has determined that SPACE is the PLACE where he can continue to look at things differently, discover, and learn how to offer our clients new and unique expressions of vision through architecture.

Steve spends his off hours volunteering for not-for-profits, church groups, and has also been involved in many community-based organizations. His sons grew up so he doesn’t go to nearly as many sporting events. Steve’s down to just one son at home, but he did get a dachshund as a consolation. He is ferocious [the dog, not Steve], and if you get within 10 feet he runs for the hills. So now Steve spends a lot of time discussing the various aspects of the Hunsicker pack in Dachshund terms with Wrigley. (He’s not a Cubs fan. The pup just wriggles as only a longhaired Dachshund can.)

Childhood Nickname: Hunts Sauce
Favorite Sandwich: BLT
Most Difficult Thing in Life: Convincing myself I’m not as good as I think I am.