Chaz Lord


Born and raised in South Florida, Chaz has been involved in design and building in some way or another as long as he can remember. With a master woodworker as a father who took an “if you can stand, you can sand” approach to having a young son in the shop, he was uniquely prepared for the non-traditional path he took with his education and career. Deciding to move on to more affordable pastures after the better part of a decade in New York City, a series of mishaps and some luck led him to St. Louis, and not too much later, to SPACE.


SPACE has built a bridge of communication between the front and back ends of the design-build process which allows me to exercise my love for design, engineering, and art while remaining hands-on. This unusual quality is a large part of what makes SPACE singularly suited to realizing the ambitious projects they are known for, and is why I am excited to be a member of this team.

Favorite Space in St. Louis:
The Climatron conservatory in the Missouri Botanical Garden

Favorite Book:
As of now: Remembrance of Earth’s Past trilogy by Cixin Liu

Last Concert Attended:
Melt Banana

Favorite Restaurant in St. Louis:
The Lucky Accomplice. Louie is a close runner-up

Favorite Architect:
Tadao Ando, Henry Hohauser, and Eero Saarinen

Favorite Store:Any restaurant supply store