Emily Hunt

Architectural Designer

Emily was born and raised in Arkansas where she received her undergraduate degree in architecture. A year later she ended up in St. Louis to get a graduate degree in architecture from Wash U. Growing up in “The Natural State” gave her a deep love and respect for nature, and as a child, she always wanted to grow up to be an artist (or a marine biologist/zookeeper). As she got older, she was drawn to architecture because it gave her an outlet to express her creativity in a concrete way that would benefit others. What drives her passion is the ability to create a better built environment that integrates social justice with environmental advocacy. 

What drew me to SPACE was their holistic approach to design and their ability to craft beautiful, experiential spaces. Having a hand in every aspect of design from architecture to furniture design is something that excites me and I’m grateful to have that opportunity at SPACE. 

Favorite Space in St. Louis:
Tower Grove Park

Last Concert Attended:
YUNGBLUD and Palaye Royale at The Pageant

Inspired By:
Nature and younger generations’ passion for equality and justice for a better world.

I love animals so much that sometimes I cry happy tears when I see them. 

Favorite Quote:
“Anything worth doing is worth doing poorly…because doing it poorly is better than not doing anything at all.”