“I see limitless potential for SPACE and the philosophy of designer-led design and construction.  I am excited by the portfolio, the people, and the history, but am focused on crafting a future of constantly improving results by continually innovating processes.”


Bachelor of Architecture, Kansas State University


I grew up building.  I have always built.  20+ years in design and construction have shown me more about people and their value judgements, overt or latent, than I expected to ever learn. Along the way I also picked up a few lessons about building. Rapidly delivering high-quality projects has proven the best way to develop knowledge and professionalism. In life and career no role or project has been off limits, whether this meant being a bit player contributing to schematic concepts or leading full services on large projects. All projects provide a chance to learn… learn what you like, or at least learn what you don’t. Our clients look to us for this, as advocates for them and their mission. They may not always realize it, but this is what they choose us for: needing to know what works, what doesn’t and what makes things simply better. This is what I bring to every project, big and small, a commitment to constantly grow in providing for clients and their projects.

Favorite Book: 
House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski

Favorite Sandwich: 
The daily special at Blues City Deli, any day of the week.

Favorite Architect: 
I hate to pick favorites, but Jean Nouvel always pulls off the unexpected, effortlessly.

Favorite Author: 
Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.

Favorite Quote: 
“The world smells different to a plumber.” Uncredited, but one of the many gems from a childhood on construction sites.

I really like the smell of freshly-framed wood houses.

Something Weird About Yourself: 
I’m not the first person I know to buy the house next to me…but no one is keeping track.

Community Activities: 
Benton Park Neighborhood Association, Volunteer; Building Futures, Volunteer; Art Place Housing Development, Board Member.