I am excited to bring my talents to SPACE. I came in to do some overhire fabrication work. By the second day I knew I wanted to be a part goofy group of amazing, Builders, Designers, Craftsmen, and Architects as they work to bring new life to the great buildings that make up this beautiful city.



Maxime comes to SPACE after working in theatre for what he claims was several lifetimes, watching the rise and fall of civilizations and empires the world has forgotten. After fulfilling the terms of his dark pact with the theatre gods he is now free…free to use his many skills for good, rather than evil. When not working hard on a project here at SPACE, he is doing his best to be a functional human being. He is trying really hard not to let us know that he is actually a small grizzly bear who wandered in one day. We know, but hey, where else are you going to find a guy willing to work for fresh salmon and honey? (Sorry, I’ll write an actual bio soon.)


Favorite Space in St. Louis: 
The Fabulous Fox Theatre. I mean come on, that plaster work is insane.

Favorite Book:
J. K. Rowling

Favorite Artist:
Claude Monet

Inspired By:
Norm Abram. Have you seen anyone wear flannel better?

Unbreakable Habit:
Staying up later than he should. Just one more episode I swear!