Samir Alvi

Architectural Designer

Samir’s nomadic life has lead him back to his hometown of St. Louis. A graduate from the University of Kansas, Samir looks to architecture for answers. Continuously learning, he strives to create space for anyone and everyone, being able to unveil an invisible beauty that has yet to be discovered. How does one articulate a sense of spirituality through design and translate the immaterial and immeasurable into reality that impacts people?

I am a part of Space because they not only take precision and care in their work, but also in the people they collaborate with. The atmosphere and personality of the office is wonderful and what one can hope for in a career.

Favorite Space in St. Louis:
Pulitzer Arts Museum

Favorite Book:
Moral Tribes by Joshua Greene

Favorite Musical Artist:
Too many to choose from and so many undiscovered- Kota the Friend, Shakey Graves, Frank Ocean, Leon Bridges, Tash Sultana, Hozier, Alabama Shakes, Ludovico Einaudi, Michael Kiwanuka

Top 3 Architects:
Le Corbu, Louis Kahn, Steven Holl

Favorite Quote:
“Everything has its beauty but not everyone sees it.”