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Bagel Union

Bagel Union

8705 Big Bend Boulevard
Webster Groves, MO  63119

Interior Design
Custom Fabrication

1,000 sf

2023 American Society of Interior Design Pinnacle Award, Second Place Hospitality

Sometimes the smallest spaces take the most thought and care. Ted and Sean — owners of Union Loafers, a carb connoisseur’s heaven — have been researching bagels and bagel shops for years, and we were excited to help them with their new endeavor. They meticulously scrutinized the bagels and the accompanying cream cheese and smoked fish, but they were equally focused on the guest experience and flow. 

Ted and Sean selected a former paint store in a retail strip in a walkable residential area for Bagel Union. The space is small: just large enough for bagel production, order prep, registers, and a queueing area. Because of the tight quarters, the floorplan revealed itself quickly, but the design took some deliberation. The owners wanted to carry their already-established eclectic visual brand to this restaurant, while paying homage to traditional bagel shops. 

The result is a bright space that incorporates a voluptuous curved soffit and ordering counter, clad in natural white oak. Their signature blue is featured in a custom-made retro floor tile, which gives a playful pattern to the space. Classic globe lights and chrome and marble accents round out the space. 

We took a special interest in the bagel display case. Ted couldn’t find a bagel case he liked, so we worked closely with him to make a beautiful and functional display. Aesthetically, it has sleek frameless glass and integrated lighting. Functionally, the case holds two multi-level “trolleys” that can be rolled into the bagel production area for loading. To keep it clean, the bottom of the case features a removable crumb tray.