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Lindell Towers East and West

Coronado Place
and Towers

3701 Lindell Boulevard
St. Louis, MO  63108

Interior Design

The out-of-town owners of Coronado Place and Towers tapped our team to give the neighboring lobbies in Lindell Towers East and West a quick “light touch” renovation: new furniture, paint, light fixtures, and strategic (if any) construction. The buildings house mostly graduate students and professors from Saint Louis University, so our designers strove to furnish the spaces with contemporary furnishings that would appeal to younger residents, but would at the same time age well as an investment for the ownership group. To expedite the design and procurement, ownership requested the spaces have identical furnishings. We were also directed to develop a new building standard paint scheme to be implemented throughout the buildings.

Both buildings were built in the 1920s, and featured lovely architectural detailing and some idiosyncrasies. The smaller lobby in the East Tower was fully paneled, and ownership wanted to break up the wood. We opted to remove the paneling on the fireplace, and had it clad in an understated tile. Three different seating groups are situated under two new pendant fixtures, and a Dimension Wall adds sparkle to the level above.

The larger, pink-terrazzo lobby in the West tower had no overhead light fixtures, and because of cost, ownership wanted to keep lighting powered from existing wall outlets. Our designers again created three distinct seating areas to serve different functions: lounge furniture around a television; a quiet soft seating area; and a bar-height community table for studying. Lamps provide warmth, and a large telescoping floor lamp illuminates the SPACE-built live edge community table.