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Greenbriar Hills Country Club

Greenbriar Hills Country Club

12665 Big Bend Road
Saint Louis, MO  63122

Interior Design
General Contracting
Custom Fabrication
Furniture Selection

Greenbriar Hills wanted to renovate the “casual” side of their club to appeal to a new generation of younger members, while still balancing the traditional nature of the club. Our team was tasked with renovating the main restaurant, Osage, and its outdoor dining area, the Boardroom lounge, the Pro Shop, corridors, the women’s locker room, expanding the pool snack bar, and converting a portion of the men’s locker room into a new golf simulator lounge. For a smooth, seamless process, we provided architecture, construction, interior design, custom fabrication, and furniture selection services. 

In Osage, the bar was a favorite spot for members, so we moved it to the exterior wall, creating an indoor/outdoor bar with OPTVUE windows and a Nanawall system to open the restaurant to the new outdoor dining area that overlooks the course. Inside, we selected a rich palette of caramel-colored leather, walnut, linen and custom plaid carpet. The new outdoor area offers diners bar seating, and a covered structure that was carefully detailed to disguise recessed tracks for retractable walls for cooler months. Fans and heaters make the space comfortable all year. 

The Pro Shop received a new look with a brand-new floorplan to reflect a contemporary retail environment. The old lay-in ceiling was replaced by a modular textile ceiling, with a new walnut beam and wall accents. The register was moved to the front of the store, and it backs up to a corridor-facing display platform. New custom floor fixtures and new wall fixtures were designed to best display specific golf items, and they feature cheerful green turf for color and texture.

The most challenging portion of the project was consolidating the men’s locker room and creating a new golf simulator lounge in the newly-vacated area. To accommodate the simulators, we expanded the building nine feet, and we did so in such a way the expansion is virtually undetectable from the exterior. The lounge features two Trackman golf simulators, lounge seating, and an area for entertaining.

 Greenbriar Hills Country Club was one large project, but was really many individual projects of varying complexity. Our design, construction, and fabrication teams worked together to deliver a beautiful, functional renovation, to the delight of members and prospective members alike.