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Interior Design Excellence Awards 2017, First Place for Hospitality and Restaurant: Joey B’s on Manchester

You can recognize a Chili’s restaurant a mile away. The beadboard. The awnings. The intricate brickwork. Many-mullioned windows. The one in question had been vacant for almost eight years, and Gianino’s Family Restaurants, a local restaurant chain, decided to use this building to debut their newly rebranded restaurant, Joey B’s.

The challenge was twofold: erase any semblance to Chili’s, and double the seating capacity through an over-the-top outdoor patio that features a bar and enough of an enclosure to shield guests from a busy five-lane street. After getting the seat count to 300, the client realized they needed more prep space to accommodate the 300 hungry diners who could be feasting at the same time. Our team added over 600 square feet to the back of the building for more coolers and dry storage, and completely reconfigured the existing kitchen with new appliances and a 22-foot long hood.

SPACE designed and served as general contractor, and we used this opportunity to add some architectural features to give the restaurant an atmosphere unlike anything else in St. Louis. The bar features a unique ceiling treatment composed of over 750 cedar logs in random lengths to help acoustics and provide a playful conversation piece. More acoustics are hidden within the floating walnut panels behind and above the bar. The rest of the open dining area is a juxtaposition of dark and light woods and warm metals, with family-friendly booths and materials. The patio can be used almost year-round, as heaters, firepits, fans, and irrigation for the lush landscaping have been integrated into the space. Guests are shielded from the busy street, but the entry remains open and welcoming.