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2018 | Restaurants

Mellow Mushroom

Our team was proud to design the first Mellow Mushroom in St. Louis, a new ground-up building in south St. Louis County. Developing new spaces for established brands is one of our specialties, and designing to Mellow’s funky, eclectic style was a fun exercise. We worked closely with the local ownership group and the corporate headquarters in Atlanta to meet their long list of  design standards while providing a suitable backdrop for the corporate art department’s whimsical art installations.

The design is a stylized version of the low-slung mid century modern homes in the neighborhood. Featuring iridescent gray bricks with wide proportions, expansive panes of glass that create views through the space, and plenty of natural light, the space is a groovy home for Mellow Mushroom’s art and feature furniture. Our team went through many playful iterations of the exterior design (read more about that process here) before we found a winner that included a tower for one of Mellow Mushroom’s custom-fabricated feature light fixtures.

Inside, our team selected the basics: flooring, wallcovering, and lighting that met Mellow Mushroom’s rigorous standards. The Atlanta-based art department swooped in to deck out the space with their signature hippy-chic murals, art, and signature furniture. Outdoors, we oriented the patio parallel to the building, so the restaurant naturally provided a buffer from the noise of busy Lindbergh. Featuring dining, a second bar, bocce lanes, plenty of green space, and more Mellow Mushroom sculpture, the outdoor area is a family-friendly spot where adults can relax and children have room to run and play after pizza.

Our team is happy to collaborate on complex projects, and Mellow Mushroom is proof that groups of talented people working together can create fun, memorable spaces.

Mellow Mushroom
3811 South Lindbergh Blvd.
St.Louis, MO 63127