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2019 | Restaurants


The original Narwhal’s location in Midtown was such a popular spot for a drink, the owners voyaged west to open a second location in a brand-new building in the bustling Streets of St. Charles development. The new place is twice the size of the original, and it features two outdoor areas with garage doors to bring the outdoors in.

New buildings can make things simple because it’s a blank slate, but the Narwhal’s brand needed some character to make the bar a cozy place for leisurely drinks. Our design team kept some of the signature nautical elements, including draped ropes, weathered wood cladding, and Narwhal’s signature colors, but in this larger space, we had room to add more visual richness. Narwhals are creatures of the chilly north Atlantic, so we took some inspiration from New England by adding custom-stained cedar shakes to the the walls for texture and protection. Inspired by icebergs, the angular furniture in the lounge can be easily moved to accommodate different groups of guests.

In the bar, gently draped ropes and pendant lights featuring a netting pattern lower the scale of the ceiling. Three large masts emerge from the floor and reach through the ropes and lights towards the ceiling. Suspended between the masts is an icy-blue backlit standup bar.

In the bathrooms, we went south for an unexpected warm look. Stunning blue fish scale-shaped tile stretches across the plumbing wall, and is juxtaposed by a grasscloth wallcovering and rich walnut doors and vanity. The outdoor seating areas feature the ever-popular fire pits and offers guests soft seating and classic Adirondack chairs. Inspired by the railing on cruise ships, it was custom built by our team of fabricators.

Narwhal’s is a single-source project. SPACE provided architectural design, interior design, furniture selection, construction management, and custom fabrication services.

Narwhal’s Crafted Urban Ice
1450 Beale Street #125
St. Charles, MO  63303