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1928 South 12th Street
St. Louis, MO  63104

Interior Design
Construction Management
Custom Fabrication

Pizzeoli encapsulates one of our specialties: using efficient design with our construction team, we can implement quick and dramatic renovations for restaurants or other clients who can’t afford to close their doors for long. Often, we can phase the project so construction happens on days when your business is closed, or overnight. In Pizzeoli’s case, we had two weeks while the restaurant was closed, and a week or two to complete the overflow dining room while the restaurant had reopened.

Working within a tight budget, our team strove to give the owner the biggest bang for the buck. In the main dining room, we added a custom-made tufted banquette to add some richness at eye level. Above, the existing grid was painted and the plain acoustical tiles were replaced with old-fashioned tin-look tiles. To make the beautiful white pizza oven pop, the back wall of the space was clad in affordable glossy black subway tiles. A new acoustical LVT floor was installed, and our team built a new die wall that divided the dining room from the pizza prep area. Fresh paint and new lighting were the final touches.

In the overflow dining room, we worked closely with the owner to give this plain space some character. Inspired by the owner’s love of Italy and his desire to display black-and-white images he had photographed there, we found old corrugated steel panels and attached those to the ceiling. Below, we hung string lights to give the room a whimsical feel. Along the north wall, we demoed the drywall and uncovered some beautiful brick with green, blue and gray hues. We exposed the brick and added a long wood bench. The resulting space is casual and evokes an urban Italian outdoor cafe.