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SPACE Grove Studio

SPACE Grove Studio

4168 Manchester Ave
St. Louis, MO 63110

Interior Design
Construction Management
Custom Fabrication

After spending our first five years renting office space in Maplewood, SPACE moved to the Forest Park South East neighborhood in the city of St Louis in 2010. Situated in the heart of The Grove, we have invested in this resurgent city neighborhood by purchasing and renovating a 7,500 sq ft former tape factory that had been a deteriorating eyesore for over ten years.

Serving as general contractor, we brought that building back to life with an alternative geothermal/solar thermal energy system which contributes up to 65% of our energy needs. We’re using our new home to showcase our commitment to sustainable design and operating practices. The heating and cooling system utilizes 15 geothermal wells, 200’ deep under parking area and 13 solar thermal arrays mounted to roof.

We didn’t simply want a new office, we wanted to demonstrate leadership on sustainability. Utilizing geothermal wells, solar thermal arrays, heat pump and desiccant wheel, heating is zoned radiant flooring and cooling is through a suspended aluminum chilled plate system, an innovative energy system was conceived. The interior structure is original, with sandblasted wood deck and queen post trusses hovering over custom workstations and communal area for presentations and events.

A galvanized steel wall was designed to divide the space, separating our studio from support rooms. The wall also provides an expansive magnetic surface for charetting and display. Our main entry is also a gallery space, surrounded by expansive windows and prime, street level visibility. This is where we invite local artists to exhibit work.