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229 N Euclid Avenue
St. Louis, MO  63108

Interior Design

We couldn’t have been more excited when we were asked to help create the space for Steel Wheels, a luxurious, locally-owned spinning studio in the Central West End. The owners wanted to give riders an experience like no other in St. Louis: while pedaling away on your state-of-the-art Stages SC bike, a theatre-sized HD screen takes you through scenic roads in Scandinavia, Big Sur, and other exotic locales, all while listening to a mix of invigorating tunes. Secondary screens show a leaderboard of bikers, and which gear and RPMs riders should be pedaling. Outside of the studio, well-appointed showers and a hydration station get you ready for the rest of your day.

Our clients had a well-developed branding package, so it was our job to translate the brand into the space, affordably. The selected space is long, narrow, and tall, so we were challenged to create the necessary spaces without it feeling cavernous and impersonal. Retail and entry to the studio is up front, and a long hallway outside the spin studio serves as the locker room. A custom pattern of Flor tiles provide softness for changing areas, and an acoustical buffer for cleat-clad feet. The lockers provide scale, as do strategically-placed graphics. Showers, bathrooms, and changing rooms are tucked away next to the lockers.

To make the most of a budget that was shared with bikes, A/V equipment, and infrastructure for bathrooms and showers, we worked closely with the client to give them the biggest bang for the buck. One of the investments was lighting in the studio and lighting in signage, particularly in the “Instagram Wall” at the end of the hallway. Coupled with plush bathrooms, hotel-quality amenities, and a friendly staff (they’ll bring you water during the ride!), Steel Wheels is a must-visit for discerning fitness buffs.