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2018 | Residential

Webster Groves Residence

When our clients returned to St. Louis after living in Taos for ten years, they purchased a charming home on an established tree-lined street in Webster Groves. Like all older homes, it needed some work: HVAC, paint, a fence for the yard, new lighting, and, most significantly, the home really needed an updated kitchen. Though graciously sized, the kitchen had dated finishes and an unusual layout: two large islands were in the center of the space, and the main sink and bar sink were back-to-back, one on each island. Instead of a backsplash between the counter and upper cabinets, there was a 12″ tall window, and some overhead lighting was suspended from a structural beam on the ceiling. It was fine, but not great. The homeowners wanted an updated look, and a space that would function better for entertaining and showing off their art collection.

As if a move isn’t stressful enough, they opted to renovate the kitchen while trying to get settled in. First, we recommended making one large island for seating and food prep, and, when guests visit, it would be a convenient space for buffets. The cabinets above the short windows were removed, and full-height windows replaced them. Our team installed floating shelves, and it’s a handy spot to store plates, glasses and cups since the dishwasher and sink are right below them. The bar sink was relocated to the new beverage area that features plenty of bottle and glass storage, and a wine refrigerator. Since the oak flooring covers most of the first floor of the house, we opted to simply refinish it. The lowered kitchen ceiling covers the old beam, and provides a blank canvas for new LED can lights and decorative pendants above the island.

The new kitchen flows gracefully into the hearth room, and the two rooms combined are a warm and comfortable space for entertaining, which is exactly what the family wanted.