Kara Sharp


Project Designer

Born and raised in Illinois.  Kara lives there with her husband, 2 sons and Yorkie.  She enjoys planting flowers and tending to her houseplants.  When she isn’t spending time with her family, she loves to visit the beach.

I have 12 years of AutoCAD experience. I can layout a commercial kitchen or bar to utilize its space in the most functional way to maximize efficiency and flow of food.  I have an upbeat attitude, fresh ideas and a willingness to learn.

Favorite Artist:
Georgia O‘Keefe

Favorite Sandwich:

Favorite Superhero:
Kara Zor-El, AKA Supergirl, Superman’s younger cousin

Favorite Quote:
“Set your soul on fire, seek those who fan your flames”
– Rumi

Everything has its place.  I like things neat, organized and labeled.