We put the fun in fundraising. In honor of St. Louis Design Week, we got the boss to dress up in a chicken suit and throw eggs off a 25-foot lift in the parking lot for an old-fashioned egg drop to raise money for Adams Elementary School. Competition was fierce. Six teams from JEMA, Mackey-Mitchell, Falk-Harrison, HOK, Elasticity and VThree Studios took one hour to build egg capsules alongside a team of students from Adams

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Did you get to do an egg drop when you were in grade school? WE DIDN'T EITHER. That's our flimsy pretext for hosting an old-fashioned egg drop during St. Louis Design Week. We (and by "we," I mean SPACE's staff and you, dear reader) are going to have a blast, and sweet cherub-faced children are going to get a boost from our tomfoolery. (This is what business wonks call a "win-win.") Here's the plan: You form a team of

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