In architecture and construction, there are good surprises and bad surprises. Good surprises: a glorious rendering of a meticulously detailed space that is within (or below!) budget. Bad surprises: the floor not looking the way you thought it would, or not having enough lighting above a crucial work area. As much as we relish a good design meeting with a few well-timed theatrics, we never want you to experience a bad surprise when everything is

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Webster Roots Our first connection to Adam Tilford of Milagro Modern Mexican began with SPACE's own Dee Ryan, who decided to poke her head in the door of the vacated space in Webster Groves that had previously been home to The Natural Fact Deli and before that, Swifty’s. Inside she found Adam and family, diligently working to adapt the space into a new concept for St. Louis: Modern Mexican cuisine. While they did not have

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Some of you will be surprised to see our 2nd SPACE blog, just a week since our first one. Trust me when I say there is no shortage of material! From interesting clients, projects, process and the staff, the hardest decision is to decide what to write about first. For this one, I decided to talk about something that makes SPACEdifferent from any other design firm in the Lou, at least to my knowledge. By

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