Getting through the sleepless nights of studio to earn your architecture degree was tough. Sending out stacks of resumes, slapping on a cheerful smile for lame networking events, and finally scoring an interview for an honest-to-gawd real job (no more internships, woohoo!) was even harder. Guess what? Your education still isn't over. Unless you got an MBA and a certificate in psychiatry along with that architecture degree, chances are you're still learning just as much on the job

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Heeeere's Hannah! We're always looking for ways to offer our clients a more robust range of services, so it made sense for us to bring a graphic designer on board. SPACE needed someone to lend a hand on the graphic details of some of our jobs, and we wanted to give our client presentations a more polished look. We met Hannah through some of our swing dancing MoHTC friends earlier this year, and she has

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