We're bad belated bloggers. Feel free to take whatever meaning you want from this image. Image credit: "D'oh!" by Haiku on Flickr.The Apology So. Here we are. We'd almost forgotten what a blog looks like. Click here to see just how badly we feel for neglecting it. We've been busy with some exciting projects, and, as architects in what has been a challenging environment, we are really happy about that. That's our entirely valid, cross-our-hearts

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Webster Roots Our first connection to Adam Tilford of Milagro Modern Mexican began with SPACE's own Dee Ryan, who decided to poke her head in the door of the vacated space in Webster Groves that had previously been home to The Natural Fact Deli and before that, Swifty’s. Inside she found Adam and family, diligently working to adapt the space into a new concept for St. Louis: Modern Mexican cuisine. While they did not have

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