You might already know we're big advocates of preserving old buildings whenever possible, but did you know we renovated our own building? This space was a dive when we bought it, but we undertook the challenge for a couple of reasons: We wanted to invest in the City of St. Louis by purchasing our own building here, and a comprehensive renovation could show off all of our services, including architecture, interior design, tax credit research,

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The Zion African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church, Lexington, Missouri. On the Most Endangered List in 2011, this 1870 church was once home to the largest African-American religious congregation in Lafayette County. A developer would most certainly use the MoHTC to renovate and repurpose it. We know that politics is one of the three taboo subjects. It's usually controversial, often complicated and typically boring, and we hate being boring. However, the Missouri Historic Tax Credit is

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A few weeks ago we hopped on a bus to Jeff City with people from the Downtown Partnership, Cherokee Street, Grove Properties, Missouri Preservation and Trivers Associates to plea our case for preserving the Missouri Historic Tax Credit. (In case you missed it, check out the Storify of it here.) A common misconception of the program is that is only serves St. Louis and Kansas City. To help dispel that, our bus -- affectionately called

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Jerry Schlichter, hero to preservationists and all-around-good guy. Jerry Schlicter is a big deal. If it weren't for him, Missouri probably wouldn't even have the Historic Tax Credit , the credit we've been fighting to preserve over the last few weeks. Not only did he spearhead the passage of the Historic Tax Credit, but he also authored the Missouri Rebuilding Communities tax credits. Jerry is founder of the law firm Schlichter, Bogard & Denton, and

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