The nice people at St. Louis At Home Magazine named SPACE a finalist for not one, but two projects in the Restaurant category for their 2015 Architect & Designer Awards. Both Mission Taco Soulard and Wheelhouse are housed in majestic old buildings, and our design teams approached each project intent on highlighting the natural beauty of each space. (To see the completed images of Wheelhouse, click here.) Not a year after designing the inaugural Mission Taco

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Rendering of the Mission Taco interior. This view into the restaurant is from the garage door at the front of the building. Rendering by Juan Devia. The weather's warming up, and sitting in a breezy open-air space with a margarita and an order of carne asada fries is the perfect way to spend a lazy afternoon. If that sounds good to you too, hang tight until June. Mission Taco 2.0 is scheduled to open late that

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