After operating a successful online shop of plant-based beauty products for years, Megan A. Schwarz wanted to refocus her efforts on her true love: holistic health coaching with a focus on women’s skin and hormones. In addition to offering her clients advice on lifestyle, diet, and skin treatments, Megan also offers breathwork sessions to coach clients on diaphragmatic breathing to decrease stress and increase mindfulness. With such a unique offering of services, Megan needed a special space for her work.

In a newly-renovated storefront on Morganford in St. Louis’s Tower Grove South neighborhood, Megan opened her chic new studio. Our team was lucky to work with Megan and her landlord who let us select the flooring, finishes and fixturing for the space. Taking cues from Megan’s love of Palm Springs, florals, and pastels, we helped her create a studio that could provide her clients with a comfortable space for sessions that would also be child-friendly for mothers with children in tow.

The open-plan studio is divided into four distinct areas: a spot outfitted with child-sized furniture and books where Megan can speak with her client while still keeping an eye on little ones; a comfortable lounge for clients to meet with Megan; a treatment table where Megan conducts breathwork therapy; and she also has an office for her desk and reference books.

Warm white paint and new white oak floors provide a light neutral canvas for a pink and gold swirly Harlequin wallcovering. Furniture was selected for hints of Mid-Century style, delicious texture, and color. George Nelson Saucer Pendants float down the center of the space below the original tin ceiling tiles. The back door of the studio hides two surprises: pink and white striped floor in the [almost-complete!] kitchenette, and a flock of friendly flamingoes on the bathroom walls.

Megan A. Schwarz
3202 Morganford
St. Louis, MO  63116