[column_quarter] [icon_box icon=”pen” color=”dark” style=”icon-top”]ARCHITECTURE

Design, construction documentation, code compliance, energy and systems design, space design, renderings, historic renovation, and more.[/icon_box][/column_quarter]

[column_quarter] [icon_box icon=”bulb” color=”dark” style=”icon-top”]STRATEGIC PLANNING

A comprehensive design-led process to define strategy and asset allocation to create a cohesive and long term vision development and design program. [/icon_box][/column_quarter]

[column_quarter] [icon_box icon=”shop” color=”dark” style=”icon-top”]CONSTRUCTION

Full construction management and custom in-house metal and wood fabrication of distinctive architectural elements, to tables, signage and more.[/icon_box][/column_quarter]

[column_quarter] [icon_box icon=”eye” color=”dark” style=”icon-top”]INTERIOR DESIGN

Programming interior spaces with conceptual planning, aesthetic, and technical solutions to create a result that is greater than the sum of its parts.[/icon_box][/column_quarter]