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Tower Grove South

Interior Design
Custom Fabrication
Furniture design + Procurement

1,000 sf

AIA Craftsmanship Award 2021
2023 American Society of Interior Design Pinnacle Award, Third Place Hospitality

When Brambleroots called us to give the studio a new look, we had the perfect mix of rococo elegance and modern minimalism “loc’d” in. Clients can spend hours sitting in a chair while their loctician creates or maintains their locs. Brambleroots owner, Kajzh Hamm, asked SPACE for a beautiful and inspirational place where clients would spend so much time.

Brambleroots studio occupies a century-old two-story, and, while the space was historic and storied, it offered no straight lines for architectural builds. Our team prefabricated all of the casework, cabinetry, and ceiling panels in our shop so we were able to install them as soon as the site was ready. This helped create beautifully clean lines and square angles to build out our client’s vision.

All of these clean lines draw the eye to Hamm’s chair, the focal point of artistic expression of the space.

The studio decor is a curated intersection of traditional fine art themes that center the contemporary Black experience. Brambleroots’ owner have a vision to influence a culture of empowerment, inspiration, and self-actualization through the artistry of entrepreneurs of color within the beauty industry and we wanted to gently reflect those themes through a beautiful and functional space.

Baltic birch plywood on both the ceilings and casework contrast elegantly with dark, opulent fabric details. The overall feel is elevated yet familiar. The styling space incorporates a built-in television on a telescoping arm for both consultations and entertainment during marathon styling sessions. Open shelving showcases products and keeps the space airy.

SPACE’s casework for Brambleroots was recognized by AIA with the Craftsmanship Award in 2021.