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Contemporary Farmhouse


Our client wanted a brand-new house for their young family, one that combined the vernacular farmhouse with a modern sensibility. They wanted a home that would keep them connected with the great outdoors, with framed views and a graceful veranda. Living spaces have north facing glass and a deep overhang above the south facing glass for plentiful, but soft and diffused light. All bedrooms enjoy a view of the morning sunrise. The home is sensitive to the lush rural landscape as it “floats” above the hilly countryside from its cantilevered building mass.

The interior’s neutral colors complement the natural colors outdoors, and they strive to let the outdoors color the interior of the home. One of the homeowners is a furniture builder, so he appreciates craftsmanship and the articulation of structure. Our design team kept the structure exposed to highlight the details of the construction. The home is modest and utilitarian, and furnished simply.