SPACE Concepts

At SPACE, we love to push the boundaries of what we can do, consider our changing world of healthcare, education, transportation – how we live, and propose how architecture can present solutions for the challenges presented. We engage in work of all sizes, as thoughtful projects both big and small shape our world and daily experience. Whether for a client, or as a way to deepen our understanding of the world and our community, we’re always exploring what’s possible. Here’s an introduction to a few of our concept projects:

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Downtown MLS Stadium

Our self-initiated stadium development study consists of the stadium, tower, retail/residential infill, and tower on the gateway mall. Good infill at this scale should do its best to preserve existing views and create new iconic views. We envision a sunken stadium with a concourse at grade, so Union Station flows directly into the venue creating a remarkable gameday experience. [more info]
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Modern Office Building

The challenge here was to design a modernist building engaging a challenging topography. The column-free single span interior aimed to allow natural light and views to be a significant part of the workplace experience. The building itself is a study in movement, the mass moving out over the landscape from the walls that bind the earth, a lighter top sliding forward from the monolithic base.
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Forest Park Multi-Use Facility

At the extreme northeast corner of Forest Park, this structure was designed to serve as both a welcome center and orientation point for visitors and residents of the bustling Central West End neighborhoods, as well as an event space. Embracing the concept of the “first 100 feet”, the structure would serve as a landmark and introduction the park’s more than 1,300 acres.
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Corporate Headquarters

The desire for a revamped corporate headquarters requires more than drawings, new landscaping, and more parking. Employee retention and recruitment, as well as evolving corporate culture led this overall design concept. Engaging in a comprehensive strategic process led SPACE to envision a completely revitalized campus within an existing footprint.
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Next Generation Hospital

This was our concept for a work of Modern Architecture that would be immediately recognizable to the region. Bold colors, simple forms, and articulated circulation path play off the sloping, highly visible site, creating a landmark in a suburban location usually devoid of originality or meaning. The design concept is a product of both the site and the building’s program, and most importantly the reactions between the two.
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Midtown Saucer Renovation

When the Midtown Saucer faced demolition, we worked with a local restauranteur to produce a new vision for the landmark. Built as a Phillips 66 gas station, our design imagined a sleek modern building with enlarged glass enclosure. Addressing the streetscape and ultimately adjacent intersection, a legacy of urban renewal, would maximize the site’s function and enhance the building’s presence.
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Lindell Boulevard CVS

In 2011, CVS proposed to demolish the elliptical Lindell Avenue AAA building for a cookie-cutter store set in a parking lot. This concept explored how that project could instead contribute aesthetically and experientially to the urban fabric, rather than dismantle it. While a standard design CVS was later built at the site, the building was pushed to Lindell, as shown here, and the elliptical building preserved.