The Architecture of Healthcare

[column_half]Healthcare institutions possess the incredible potential of not just providing for the direct delivery of healthcare, but of contributing to the community. In many places the hospital is also the community center, connected to a community health club, is next to varied levels of assisted living housing, and serves as a center of education on health and wellness for all ages. This is the future of healthcare and strong communities. This is the work in which SPACE is engaged.

The SPACE difference inspires clients and the project team to embrace shared learning and build consensus through directed team work and practical vision exercises, which yield significant value for clients and promotes innovation. Innovating with the community for a better economy and better quality of life for all creates a lasting impact. This is accomplished through collaborative master planning, site selection, programming, and design.

Hopedale Medical Complex

Working with Hopedale Medical Complex confirmed that healthcare and the health of the community are symbiotic. Rejecting the greenfield by-the-Interstate option, Hopedale chose to reinvest in the town. This provided a perfect starting point for SPACE planning and design. The acute care hospital is joined with a 24-hour ER, physicians’ offices, 34,000 square foot Wellness Center, Hopedale Commons and Hopedale Nursing Home.

Hillsboro Area Hospital

In Hillsboro, Illinois, the community and healthcare leadership had a bigger vision for its hospital. With SPACE leading public planning sessions, a more cohesive, community-supported healthcare plan emerged. Hillsboro Area Hospital is its area’s critical access hospital, comprised of acute care, ER, state-of-the-art imaging center, health education center, assisted living options, and adjoining a community fitness and aquatics center.

Ranken Jordan Pediatric Bridge Hospital

We believe in the collective power that diverse talents contribute in the area of research, innovation, craft, and refinement of a vision. Architecture should be a reflection of that vision. Perhaps no where is this more in evidence than at Ranken Jordan Pediatric Bridge Hospital. Our experience with Ranken Jordan has shown us that the right partner and the right mission can create a healthcare facility that routinely produces uncommon and inspiring outcomes.

The hospital and its extraordinary healthcare professionals has defined a new level of care for children transitioning from hospital to home. Focused on caring for children with complex medication conditions, Ranken Jordan treats the whole child and family, so that they can return home and rebuild their lives.

Every inch of Ranken Jordan is designed to capture attention, inspire creativity, and encourage interaction among our children, families, caregivers and the community at large. It’s a whimsical design meant to help even the most seriously ill and injured children rehabilitate, play and socialize as much as possible, but it’s more than just bold colors and imaginative architecture. The building is an integral component of each child’s experience and treatment.

The SPACE design team worked with staff and children in an evolving collaborative process that resulted in the creation of the original building design. The success of Ranken Jordan, and that process, has produced plans to double the size of the exiting facility. Design work continues to be refined by SPACE.

SPACE healthcare design philosophy:

Though each community and healthcare organization is unique, our healthcare planning work guided by the following principals has produced exceptional outcomes time and time again:

  • Involve the community in visioning/programming processes
  • Reconnect the community in physical & programmatic ways
  • Create unique designs that produce unique experiences
  • Build green, use alternative energy & manage water
  • Take advantage of financial incentives & grants
  • Renovate historic buildings & Brownfield sites
  • Continued planning


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