At SPACE we focus on design day in and day out, working with visionary clients to produce spaces that are inspiring, sustainable, and economically successful. 2015 brought a lot of exciting work: Curtain Call at the Fox, Público, Mellow Mushroom, a major Ranken Jordan Bridge Hospital addition, Tazé, Scholar Shop, and much, much more. And now we have a new platform on which to share our story.

We draw, we design, we also fabricate, build, and see projects through from strategic planning and programming to interior finishes. The range of our services and experience is now front and center and hopefully made more clear. SPACE Constructors has its own page, as does our innovative work in the quickly changing field of healthcare.

Beyond our realized projects, SPACE concepts, the work that explores whats possible, are easy to share. Whether as a design exercise, or a client-driven concept, this design work makes us better architects. We’re excited to share all of this with you and look forward to continually updating the website with our new projects. As we continue working with our great clients, 2016 is sure to be an exciting year!