To open the portfolio...

To open the portfolio…

Send us something like this, and you can pretty much guarantee you’ll get an interview. [Scroll down for the rest of the pictures.]

Paul isn’t the kind of designer who is happy sitting behind a computer doing CAD all day. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that, mind you.) He likes his computers, but he also likes working with his hands, building, tinkering and finding creative solutions. After he saw all of our design-build work, Paul sent us this meticulously-detailed custom portfolio package, complete with a hand-made leather business card holder. Like the prose of his favorite author, Douglas Adams, Paul’s text was punchy and funny. We were blown away by the creativity and range of talents the portfolio represented, so we met with him. We hit it off, and he fits with our eclectic bunch very well. In addition to his Masters of Architecture from Kansas State, he holds a PhD in Complicated Computer Stuff (he can fix anything).

Paul has been with us for a few months on a contract basis, but he’s now an honest-to-goodness, full-time SPACE employee. (HE SAID YES! IT’S FACEBOOK OFFICIAL, PEOPLE!) During his short time at SPACE, he has worked on The Good Pie, Three Flags Tavern, residences, and even converting an Airstream trailer into a rolling art gallery.

Here’s a bit about Paul, in his own words:
Favorite Author: Douglas Adams
Favorite Book: Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
Last Concert Attended: Typhoon
Favorite Artist: Typhoon (it’s like I planned that)
Favorite Superhero: Wolverine (they based him off me)
Favorite Movie: Big Lebowski
Favorite Yuppie Drink: I don’t drink yuppies.
Favorite Architect: Glenn Murcutt
Favorite Quote: “Have you tried turning it off and on again?”
Greatest Inspiration: Seeing people persevere.
Greatest Strength: Curiosity
Greatest Weakness: Being too curious.

*Sorry. We’ll take any flimsy excuse to make a Douglas Adams reference.