We’re consistently surprised by the vision and creativity of our clients. In a stunning transformation, Catering St. Louis is converting an alley — an alley! — into a wedding venue and private event space. After acquiring the building north of Oliva on The Hill, the owner wanted to make use of a former alley between the two buildings. After the Kingshighway bridge was renovated a few years ago, the end of the alley was closed off, thus creating a concrete courtyard surrounded on three sides by buildings and the new viaduct at the end.

The team at Catering St. Louis envisioned a three-season wedding venue that embraces an open-air feel and the buildings’ vintage brick. Acoustical and visual buffers are planned for the viaduct side to ensure a pleasant experience for guests. Construction is underway in the north building, and this courtyard and awning structure will be built in the next phase. Make sure you scroll down to see the “before” conditions.

Evening view of the new venue. Oliva is on the right, and the new building to the north is on the left.

Daytime view with Oliva’s courtyard to the right.

BEFORE: The location of the new “stage” that guests will face while seated.

BEFORE: View opposite Kingshighway.