Often we work with clients at their businesses, and then we’re lucky to lend a hand on their homes, too. Such is the case with a longtime business client who came to us when his family wanted to consider options for reshaping their traditional residence. The house cannot expand toward the back of their property, so any addition would be visible from the street. Since the stately colonial revival home has a distinct silhouette, we developed sympathetic additions that will look as though they have always been there.

 To the right you can see the original home, and then four different possibilities for additions that include an expansion to the side of the house and different iterations of dormers on the third floor. We produce options like this all the time in commercial projects (see more examples here), but it’s just as helpful in a residential setting. For residential additions, this is our standard level of service. Not only does it give the homeowner choice, but it also offers a level of comfort when making such a big decision on the family home.

Are you pondering an addition at your house? We’re happy to walk you through the process. As for this client, we’ll reveal the winning option after construction is complete!

The Original House

The Options