Ranken Jordan Pediatric Bridge Hospital is one of our dearest clients, and we have the chance to earn money for them just by running the Rock & Roll Marathon in October. If you aren’t familiar with them, the folks at Ranken Jordan are miracle workers. The boys and girls in their care live with illnesses and injuries that most grownups can’t stomach. And yet Ranken Jordan’s perfectly-tuned orchestra of medical staff, therapists, social workers and volunteers give these brave kids and their families new life. By getting patients out of the hospital rooms and into everyday activities, the staff lets kids be kids, no matter what. They learn how to live again, and that is the magic that is Ranken Jordan.

Children at Ranken Jordan have been stabilized at a traditional hospital, but they aren’t ready to go home just yet. (Thus the “Bridge” in the name.) The extraordinary staff at Ranken Jordan give these boys and girls the confidence and knowledge to get back to their own bed, their own school and friends. Grab a box of tissue, and watch this:

Andrew Stith and Shelley Satke Niemeier are going to run a half-marathon relay. To be more accurate, Andrew is going to run and Shelley is going to jog like an injured elephant, but whatever. Potato, potahto. We’ve committed to raise $4000 for the cause. If you can help make an investment in the kids at Ranken Jordan, please click here to go to make a donation. Thanks for making our run worthwhile. We appreciate it, and the good people at Ranken Jordan do too.