Scientists say the universe is constantly growing, and that’s certainly true here at SPACE Architecture + Design. At a time when most design firms are scaling back, we’re excited to announce that six talented architectural designers and one PR professional recently joined the team: Greg Trost, Karey Brown, Mackenzie McCulloch, Jeremy Clagett, Lori Everett, Parker Brock, and Shelley Satke Niemeier. Click here for the official press release on SPACE’s new cadets.

A veteran of the local design scene, registered architect Greg Trost has played an integral part in some of SPACE’s most high-profile design projects, including Gerard Craft’s new Pastaria. A proud Jayhawk, Greg has a broad range of invaluable skills, including expertise in feasibility studies, master planning, project design, LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), and state and federal historic tax credits. Just as importantly, his prowess at home plate has helped SPACE own the softball field.

Karey Brown took a break from globetrotting across the world as a cruise ship director to earn his Master of Architecture degree from Washington University, and SPACE is now fortunate to have him and his diverse experiences part of the team. His work has been built across the United States and Canada, but he stays grounded in St. Louis by lending a hand at a variety of charities, including Food Outreach, where he is on the board of directors. If you dare, ask him about his wicked break dance skills.

A winner of loads of awards including the prestigious AIA Henry Adams Medal, Mackenzie McCulloch started at SPACE on a part-time basis back in February, commuting each week from southern Missouri. Before long, we hired him as a full-time architectural intern in the healthcare team. Mackenzie is an associate member of the American Institute of Architects, St. Louis, and he is a member of their new Mentorship committee. He feels right at home at SPACE, where he has joined the ranks of many fellow foodies. (Two words: Cake. Pops.)

Although not a St. Louis native, Jeremy Clagett has immersed himself in the local urbanist culture to improve our city through his participation in City to River, NextSTL, and as cofounder of What Should Be. When not designing, he lends a hand tweeting, and he keeps the studio up on local community and urbanism events. We love his activism. (Look at the awesome design he did to preserve the AAA Building and give CVS a new contemporary look. Equally awesome? CVS called back.) Before joining SPACE’s healthcare team, Jeremy was an architectural intern at Killeen Studios in St. Louis.

An award-winning registered architect and LEED-Accredited Professional, Lori Everett came to St. Louis from Helix Architecture in Kansas City, where she was the project architect on a variety of LEED buildings, including a number of historic renovations. She’s using her impressive skills on a variety of projects at SPACE, including residential and hospitality design. Fine design follows her home, too; Lori and her husband have a product design firm called EVRT Studio. Also, she has an enviable collection of funky cool necklaces. (The picture above is just a tip of the iceberg.)

Parker Brock is an intern architect who knows how to design and build, so he has plenty to keep him busy at SPACE. After earning his Masters in Architecture from University of Illinois, he recently moved to St. Louis to run the SPACE fabrication shop. He will split his time between the shop and design studio. Parker has lent his skills to Habitat for Humanity and other non-profits that build homes for the physically disabled. Parker is a master homebrewer, and his dog can run faster than a speeding bullet, he’s more powerful than a locomotive, and he is able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. (Video forthcoming. Maybe.)

Shelley Satke Niemeier spends her time spreading the word about SPACE’s projects, talented designers, and their role in community events. She has an MA in American Studies with an emphasis in Visual Culture Theory and Urban Studies (architecture sans math) from Saint Louis University. When not working on the website, writing, and blogging for SPACE, she is the Assistant Director at Campbell House Museum where she does much of the same work, plus shamelessly shilling for money. Little known [or believed] fact: Shelley invented the comma and post-it notes.