Talk about barflies. Some people just won’t leave, will they? John and Cathy O’Brien at Three Flags Tavern have some permanent residents on their walls, and we thought we’d introduce you to them for Throwback Thursday. So we’re throwing it way way back, two hundred and ten years, to be exact. Diners and food critics alike have been singing the praises of Three Flags Tavern’s fried chicken, lobster rolls, ground-brisket burger, the tacos, and — you know what? Forget it — you can’t go wrong with anything on their menu. The service is top-notch, and the drinks are too.

We published a little piece on some of the design elements in the space a few months ago (you can check it out here), but we thought we’d introduce you to the historical figures in the dining room for Throwback Thursday. (Really, how often can we go back that far?) We’ve also included some of the outtakes from the ads above the bar, some of which are hilarious. (Doctor Butts!) Scroll through the gallery below, and the caption will clue you in on a (probably useless) bit of local trivia.